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3:05 PM yesterday vennominon commented on Savage Love.
On a more general note, my sincere condolences to anyone whose life will be a little less bright due to the - reduction? - of After Ellen.
8:36 AM yesterday vennominon commented on Savage Love.
Ms Cute - Actually, as long as we've gotten onto education, what's your position on dress codes? I suspect you and I could make a reverse horseshoe on this one, as you'll likely be able to make a case for everyone, and I probably loathe both sides about equally.
8:19 AM yesterday vennominon commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Your Trip Advisor.
Ms Lava - I think it may be time to elevate You Should Play Like That More Often to shortened status, therefore YSPLTMO, though LW gets a deduction for misuse of "mutual".

What is the general attitude of Australians towards France, anyway? I've never been able to formulate a satisfactory guess.
Sep 23 vennominon commented on Savage Love.
Ms Cute - I knew I left something out. Whether your conclusion is right or not, I can work within that parameter. Besides, I have to fight for gay culture. Mr Savage will sell us out and make us a subsidiary of at least one alien group. Voluntary intersectionality I can give FTWL and judge on a case-by-case basis. Enforced intersectionality (cover your eyes, Ms Cummins!) - oh, dear, no.
Sep 23 vennominon commented on Savage Love.
Ms Cute - I am entirely prepared to believe that you and many other reasonable people see value in single-sex education. My point is just that the loudest voices in favour of it are coming from extremists who see only one side of the coin, but propose remarkably similar solutions.

I shall at least happily cite you the next time I encounter an MRA rant claiming that all feminists treat school-age boys as defective girls.
Sep 23 vennominon commented on Savage Love.
Ms Rand - The inherent nature of BLM is immaterial to whether their extremist adherents spout rhetoric that creates a horseshoe with the rhetoric of the extremist members of a group that, for this purpose, I am quite prepared to allow as much worse overall as a group. The horseshoe doesn't have to have balanced ends. How just one holds the causes of the two groups to be makes no difference; whether one supports A, B, both or neither makes no difference; whether the racial prejudices of one group are entirely justified and the other entirely not makes no difference; whether 90% of A are extremists and 10% of B makes no difference to the similarity of the A and B extremist rhetoric.

If you want to keep quarreling, try defending the hijacking of Toronto Pride or the gay-shaming young woman at that Orlando vigil. I'll give everyone an earful about that. Otherwise, your virtue signal has been registered. You are a Good Person.
Sep 23 vennominon commented on Savage Love.
Ms Cute - It's always possible. But, remember, as Miss Marple reminds us, the worst is so often true. I'll admit that I don't enjoy venues where I agree with less than a quarter or more than three-quarters of the sentiments going around. At least I thank you for not trying to "save" me, and I throw a lot more Henry Tilney quotes at you than any of the "good" people here. I refer the assembled company to my response to L5.


Ms Rand - Well, while an issue like abortion doesn't offer much horseshoe potential, race relations seems a fertile field. Take two groups of people, A and B, whose extreme members each think the other group to be the spawn of Satan, and those extremists are likely to have views about A/B relations that will have many practical points in common, though the approaches are diametrically opposed. Or, take gendre relations. Who are the people pushing for single-gendre schools? mainly two horseshoe ends - WRAs who claim that girls do better in an environment where they aren't harassed and intimidated by patriarchal boys, and MRAs who claim that boys do better in an environment where they aren't judged and drugged as defective girls. I'll give a more specific example below.


Ms Cute again - You may recall the letter to the most recent Prudie Emeritus from a gay engaged man whose family was pressuring him to invite to the wedding an anti-gay uncle who had actually voted against marriage equality in their state legislature. Prudie Emeritus urged the invite on the Changing Hearts and Minds line of reasoning; Mr Savage doubtless would have done the same. I mentioned the letter here, I recall. I strongly loathed Prudie Emeritus' suggestion that it was somehow better if the vote had actually been the uncle following the will of his constituents and not a reflection of his personal beliefs. I also railed against the Tyranny of the Mushy Middle, who were determined to get the warring parties to pretend to play nice so that they could pretend everyone got along. My thought was to reschedule the wedding to conflict with a legislative duty. There may be a time for ambassadorial behaviour to change hearts and minds, but one's own wedding ought not to be such a time of enforced duty. And making a hater suffer through an event he didn't want to attend any more than the celebrant wanted him there was far more likely to have a negative influence than a positive.

Alas, out of time. Doubtless more to follow.
Sep 22 vennominon commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Another Jealous Boyfriend.
A couple of stretches. LW seems to be stretching to make "voyeuristic/exhibitionist tendencies", and Mr Savage may be stretching to turn LW's being perplexed by BF's double standard into a desire for an egalitarian relationship. "Do I really want an egalitarian relationship?" ought to be among the questions for LW to ask himself.

Mainly, though, I'm glad to see Mr Alan here; I was beginning to worry.
Sep 22 vennominon commented on Savage Love.
Ms Grizelda - Good luck with the weather.


Ms Fan - I don't think you even need statistical significance. Give an adult the facts and let one decide for oneself. Or has the desire to make sure women never regret anything they did reached such a mania that it trumps agency? There's another horseshoe in there.

(General note: a "horseshoe conspiracy" isn't an alliance, just the coincidental agreement for diametrically opposed reasons of people so unlikely ever to agree with each other that it looks like one. For example, recently some people have reported hearing remarkably similar things from BLM and the KKK.)
Sep 21 vennominon commented on Savage Love.
Ms Fan - I'm not apportioning responsibility so much as pointing out the horseshoe.

I'm assuming government approval is involved at some level, in which case lobbying makes some contribution, and it's largely the same cast of lobbyists or interest groups as those that have had influence in divorce, etc.