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Dec 1 Dave Segal commented on Recycling My Back Pages: A Music Writer/Collector Reflects on Disposing of His Magazine Archive.
@1 Yes, but the thing is, as I wrote, I had no time to do anything but either let the movers transport the boxes to my new place or dispose of them. It dawned on me too late that the sheer quantity of the mags was too unwieldy to feasibly move them to the new dwelling. And they were too heavy to simply "[sit] them outside"; plus, my building manager wouldn't allow that anyway. My fault for procrastinating about the matter, but there it is.
Nov 9 Dave Segal commented on 10 Cathartic Songs to Get You Through Trump Victory Disgust.
@1 That's my blind spot (deaf spot?). I welcome recommendations.
Oct 20 Dave Segal commented on KEXP Goes Big With Its First Record Fair This Saturday.
@1 Then the press release misinformed me.
@2 I imagine there will be a mix of new releases, new reissues, and used records (the latter likely provided by private dealers and record stores).
Oct 3 Dave Segal commented on We Give Pitchfork's 50 Best Ambient Albums List a 6.7. Here Are Some Glaring Omissions.
Literally punching myself for forgetting Rainbow Dome Musick, one of my favorites of all time. That's what happens when you hastily compile a list away from your collection... Anyway, there are so many great suggestions in all of your posts, which confirms my belief that a freakin' encyclopedia of ambient music needs to be written... preferably by many authors.
Sep 29 Dave Segal commented on We Give Pitchfork's 50 Best Ambient Albums List a 6.7. Here Are Some Glaring Omissions.
Great picks, all. Thanks. @2, no Zeit or Taj-Mahal Travellers on Pitchfork's list.
Aug 24 Dave Segal commented on EOD: Wu-Tang Clan and the Beatles Come Together For Some New Mash-Ups.
@3 The Wu-Tang Clan approved these tracks, so be sure to let them know they have no musical taste.
Aug 9 Dave Segal commented on Imagine It: The Seattle Symphony Performing the "Sanford & Son" Theme Song.
@2 and @3: I had no idea. That's really interesting.
Jul 25 Dave Segal commented on Highlights from Capitol Hill Block Party 2016.
Purely descriptive usage, no ill will intended at all. Plus, some of my best friends are white.
Jul 12 Dave Segal commented on Beloved Seattle Rock/Soul Vocalist Shawn Smith Is "Technically Homeless".
According to La Fuente on the GoFundMe page, Stone helped Shawn for a while in the past.
May 26 Dave Segal commented on 50 Places in Seattle That You're Taking for Granted.
@30 I've been there in the last week, but haven't used the facilities in a while. That's a shame.