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Aug 24 Dave Segal commented on EOD: Wu-Tang Clan and the Beatles Come Together For Some New Mash-Ups.
@3 The Wu-Tang Clan approved these tracks, so be sure to let them know they have no musical taste.
Aug 9 Dave Segal commented on Imagine It: The Seattle Symphony Performing the "Sanford & Son" Theme Song.
@2 and @3: I had no idea. That's really interesting.
Jul 25 Dave Segal commented on Highlights from Capitol Hill Block Party 2016.
Purely descriptive usage, no ill will intended at all. Plus, some of my best friends are white.
Jul 12 Dave Segal commented on Beloved Seattle Rock/Soul Vocalist Shawn Smith Is "Technically Homeless".
According to La Fuente on the GoFundMe page, Stone helped Shawn for a while in the past.
May 26 Dave Segal commented on 50 Places in Seattle That You're Taking for Granted.
@30 I've been there in the last week, but haven't used the facilities in a while. That's a shame.
May 13 Dave Segal commented on Punk Rock Flea Market to Relocate to Old Value Village Space on June 25-26.
I emailed Okrent about this. Will update when/if I hear back.
May 12 Dave Segal commented on The Stone Roses to Release First New Music in 21 Years Today.
I don't know, really. My guess would be substance abuse of some kind.
May 10 Dave Segal commented on YACHT the Fuck?! Indie Band's Sex-Tape Hoax Shafts the Media.
@1 Thanks. The post has been updated.
Apr 20 Dave Segal commented on Win Tickets to the Robert Smith Edition of Hero Worship at Chop Suey.
We have our two winners. Thanks for playing, everybody.
Mar 28 Dave Segal commented on Win Tickets to Tacocat's Album-Release Show March 31 at Chop Suey.
We have our two winners. Thanks, everyone.