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Apr 20 Dave Segal commented on 20 Essential Record Store Day 2017 Releases.
@3 They should've repressed more than 1500 copies! Demand has been building for 46 years...
Apr 15 Dave Segal commented on Why Should I Give a Fuck About Giorgio Moroder?.
@1 "48" refers to number of years he's been in the music biz.
Apr 7 Dave Segal commented on Patrick Neill Gundran Is the Busker Worth Removing Your Earbuds For.
Some of Patrick's busking sessions can be heard here: https://uneasychairs.bandcamp.com/.
Mar 24 Dave Segal commented on James Chance May Be Older, but He'll Never Be "Mature".
Great to hear that!
Jan 17 Dave Segal commented on Heart-Breaking Doc Goodnight Brooklyn Looks at a DIY Venue Crushed to Death by Vice Media.
Vice Media bought the building in which DBA was located.
Jan 4 Dave Segal commented on The Twin Peaks Soundtrack Is Getting a Deluxe Vinyl Reissue.
Thanks, dangerousgift.
Dec 1, 2016 Dave Segal commented on Recycling My Back Pages: A Music Writer/Collector Reflects on Disposing of His Magazine Archive.
@1 Yes, but the thing is, as I wrote, I had no time to do anything but either let the movers transport the boxes to my new place or dispose of them. It dawned on me too late that the sheer quantity of the mags was too unwieldy to feasibly move them to the new dwelling. And they were too heavy to simply "[sit] them outside"; plus, my building manager wouldn't allow that anyway. My fault for procrastinating about the matter, but there it is.