James Clar, Awake In Your Sleep, 2016
James Clar, Awake In Your Sleep, 2016

The third annual Seattle Art Fair will feature a huge (and growing) number of galleries, representing 25 cities, from as close as Pioneer Square to as far as Seoul, Korea, a new press release announced.

Seattle exhibitors include Foster/White, Davidson Galleries, James Harris Gallery, and Linda Hodges Gallery, among many others.

In the same press release, SAF also revealed this year's beneficiaries: Coyote Central and Arts Corps. "Coyote Central has built the creativity and self-awareness of over 15,000 middle-school youth of diverse races, economic backgrounds, family situations, and neighborhoods," the release says. "Arts Corps is a multidisciplinary social justice organization in Seattle that provides free arts learning opportunities to young people from kindergarten through high school."

Founded by Paul Allen, the event will take place between August 3-6 this year at CenturyLink Field. Here's what Jen Graves wrote about SAF 2015:

The art fair is an insanely convoluted way to help local artists sustain themselves. It would be more logical for, say, a billionaire to endow local arts organizations on an ongoing basis. But this year's fair provoked an act of guerrilla art that served as a reminder that it is perilous to pin your hopes on the steadfastness even of the man who founded the fair.

The full Seattle Art Fair exhibitor list can be found here.