Council President Bruce Harrell will replace Mayor Ed Murray for at least the next five days.
Council President Bruce Harrell will replace Mayor Ed Murray for at least the next five days. City of Seattle

Ed Murray Is Out: As of 5 pm today, Murray will no longer be the mayor. Yesterday, a fifth man came forward accusing Murray of sexually abusing him when the man was a teenager. Soon after, Murray announced he would resign.

The Latest Accuser: Is Murray's cousin, Joseph Dyer, as first reported by the Seattle Times. Murray briefly lived with Dyer when Murray when in his early 20s and Dyer was 13. Dyer said he was motivated to come forward after seeing that Murray remained mayor. “I didn’t know about any of these other people. I didn’t know about this other gentleman that [attorney Lincoln] Beauregard is representing. I knew about none of that,” Dyer told the Times. “Because I saw … clips of (Murray) denying what he did, that pissed me off to the point where I am like, ‘That’s it. I have had enough.’ I have been carrying this around for 40-some years. Something has got to be done."

The Lesson from This? "Just to listen and hear survivors and believe them," says Danni Askini, executive director of the Gender Justice League. "That's all most survivors are asking from the start, which is just to be heard."

"I Wonder How Many Other Victims Are Out There." Those were the words of Lloyd Anderson, one of the men who has publicly accused Murray of sexual abuse after yesterday's news. Joseph Dyer, the cousin of Mayor Murray who came forward with his allegations in the Seattle Times, said he was "glad" Murray is leaving office, but: "I don't understand how he could have gotten into office to begin with. Especially since our sister state of Oregon found that he had abused a foster care child put in his custody, and that he should never have another one."

What Happens to the Mayor's Seat? Bruce Harrell is the mayor for the next five days. He'll then have to determine whether he wants to remain mayor or if the council will select another member to become interim mayor. Whoever ends up mayor will remain in the seat until election results are certified in November, when either Jenny Durkan or Cary Moon will become mayor. (That's earlier then the usual January inauguration.) The council will have to appoint someone new to fill whichever council seat is left vacant.

The Detective Who Pulled a Gun on a Motorcyclist Had a History of Road Rage Complaints: "The King County Sheriff detective who pulled a gun on an unarmed motorcyclist during a traffic stop on August 16 has racked up three driving or road rage related complaints in the last five years, documents from the sheriff's office show," Sydney Brownstone reports.

Jenny Durkan and Cary Moon Met for their First Debate Since the Primary Election: Questions focused on homelessness and housing policy. Jenny Durkan defended encampment sweeps and the city's Housing Affordability and Livability Agenda (HALA) plan to increase housing density. Cary Moon endorsed a campaign to stop the sweeps and criticized the HALA process as too top-down. I even asked a question about single family zoning. Watch the full debate here:

Bernie Sanders Has a Medicare for All Bill: The plan is dead on arrival is the Republican-controlled Congress, but Democrats are signing on, including several of the most talked about potential 2020 contenders. Neither of Washington's senators, Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell, have indicated support so far.

On a completely unrelated note:

Don't Be Desperate: "If The Seattle Times editorial board had broadened its view beyond the last two months, and searched its own newspaper's archive, it would see that Bezos is just doing what he's done before: seeking, as ever, to dodge taxes when and where he can," writes Eli Sanders.

Everett Continues Telling Women What to Wear: The City of Everett, which recently banned baristas from wearing pasties, g-strings, and bikinis, has now circulated illustrations of "sample outfits" allowed under the law. They're tank tops and shorts.

The City Swept Another Sodo Homeless Encampment: "Shelters are for people experiencing Irma and Harvey, and they can’t wait to get out of those shelters," a man living at the camp told KNKX. “When you sleep right next to somebody and you’re 40 people right next to them, you take your family and your friends, put 40 of you together, every night, night after night, you’re not going to get along. Warehousing doesn’t work. Shelters just don’t work."

Somehow a Horse Farm Still Exists in Seattle and Now It Might Be Replaced With...: You guessed it! Single family housing! The owner of the farm near South Park "wants to sell it to someone who will keep the equestrian farm intact," the Seattle Times' Mike Rosenberg reports. "But the area is zoned for 19 to 23 single-family homes, each across large 7,200-square-foot lots. So far only developers — more than a dozen of them — have come calling."

There's a Plan to Redevelop KeyArena: After yesterday's new abuse allegations, the mayor canceled a press conference where he planned to unveil the KeyArena plan. But it has now been submitted to the Seattle City Council. KING 5 has the details.