Memphis says it like it is....
Memphis says it like it is.... Charles Mudede

If there is a future, those of us who make it there might look back at the last days of October and the first week of November 2017 as the moment a nightmare that many feared would go on and on finally began its end. Trump no longer appears to be unstoppable. The law appears to be catching up with him and his associates. The news from Virginia's election seems too good to be true—but it's all true: the first openly transgender person was elected to the state's legislature, an open socialist beat a powerful Republican, and an open Trumpist lost the governor race by a huge margin.

New Jersey elected a Democrat, Charlotte, North Carolina elected its first black American female mayor, the Great Blue Wall of the West Coast is really going up, and enrollment in Obamacare, a program that's been repeatedly attacked by three branches of government, is not only not dying, it's surging.

In just four days, 601,462 individuals signed up for Obamacare, and one in every five of the those who joined was new. This means open enrollment sign-ups are up 179 percent compared to this time last year.

NBC News reports:

By comparison, some 1,008,281 customers signed up through in the first 12 days of enrollment in 2016, the first period for which data is available. While not a perfect comparison, the daily rate of sign-ups is significantly faster this year: 150,366 per day in 2017, compared with 84,018 in 2016.

What other good news could come our way this week? Well, the word on the street is that the batty billionaire and woman-hating Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos might resign. Of course, Trump could replace her with some one as bad as (or even worse than) her, but it seems the department broke Betsy before Betsy could break it. The Washington Post also dropped a bomb on the nutty Republican Senate nominee Roy Moore. He is alleged to have had a sexual encounter with a 14-year-old girl when he was 32 (Moore is now 70). He is also alleged to have preyed on other girls. And guess what, "Alabama law prohibits a candidate from withdrawing within 76 days." So, expect Dems to win a seat in the Senate in December.

Indeed, Trump might return from his Asian trip to a completely different America.