Letters from publisher Tim Keck, editor Tricia Romano, and editorial director Dan Savage


An oral history of the first year of The Stranger, by Amber Cortes

1991–1998: THE EARLY YEARS

Excerpts, essays, covers, and features from the first seven years

Are You Gay? by Eric Fredericksen

The canned ham dropped from the 23rd floor of the Washington Mutual Building of newspapers: excerpted articles

Family values, Hillary Clinton style by Emily White

Where are they now: Former Stranger staffers reminisce about confronting neo-Nazis, death threats, and the time before the internet, by Rich Smith

The Stranger ruined my life, by Brad Steinbacher

Pretty on the outside: Stranger covers through the years

1999–2008: ADOLESCENCE

Excerpts, essays, covers, and features from the difficult second period.

What it was like to work at The Stranger during the early 21st century, by Sean Nelson

Seattle's Only Newspaper: excerpt collection

Germ Warfare: Dan Savage goes undercover to the Iowa Caucuses in 2000 and gives Gary Bauer the flu bug

How writing for The Stranger made me blacker, by Charles Mudede

I was Stranger music editor for three minutes 18 years ago and Seattle music still sucks, by Everett True

25 Years of Savage Love: How Savage Love changed the way we talk and think about sex, by Debby Herbenick

The biggest mistakes The Stranger has made in our 25-year history, by Christopher Frizzelle

2009–2016: JADED AF

Excerpts, essays, covers, and features from the Imperial Phase

That time we won a Pulitzer, by Christopher Frizzelle

The Third Wave: an excerpt collection

The Pulitzer Prize–winning story "The Bravest Woman in Seattle" in full, by Eli Sanders

For 25 years, The Stranger has spoken the sexy, unruly visual language of art itself, by Jen Graves

In 25 years, The Stranger has made a few enemies. Here's how we did it, by Heidi Groover


David Schmader shares his stories of Stranger stonedness


The first-ever Savage Love by Dan Savage


Kathleen Wilson on shoegazer—her favorite genre of music—originally published in The Stranger in 2002

Larry Mizell Jr. on DoNormaal, originally published on December 2, 2015


Lindy West's review of Sex and the City 2, originally published May 27, 2010

Jamie Hook on Boogie Nights: America fears cock, originally published October 16, 1997


Min Liao on Shanghai Garden and the tyranny of Dr. Atkins, originally published on April 3, 2003

Angela Garbes on the time her family ordered a whole fried catfish, originally published on March 30, 2016


A. Birch Steen, Stranger Ombudsman and OSHA Board of Governors Member


A tribute to five people who helped shape The Stranger


20 questions with Mike Nipper, The Stranger's receptionist since 1994


Daniel Housman, The Stranger's first music editor, reflects on Seattle's music scene in the '90s

Eat this word: Inga Muscio unpacks a naughty name for the holy grail, originally published on October 12, 1992

San Diego diary: Dan Savage is bored stiff at the 1996 Republican National Convention, originally published on August 22, 1996

Keeping secrets: Matthew Stadler on NAMBLA,the idealization of children, and the contradictions of gay politics, originally published on March 20, 1997

Let's get lost: Matthew Stadler stumbles through the biggest pull-tab market in America, originally published January 1, 1998