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Learning the Lessons and Moving On With Confidence

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The Ins and Outs of Male Chastity Devices

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The Other Woman and the Memorial Service

New Savage Lovecast: Decriminalize Sex Work!

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Parts and Parting

Three Drunken Dates: Did He Do the Right Thing?


Savage Love Letter of the Day: Reader Advice Round-up

Her Husband's "Ultimate" Fantasy Is a Big Ask

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Revolution Hall

New Savage Lovecast: With Comedian Kate Willett

She's Secretly Perving On the People She Serves

Sometimes The Damage Is Too Great

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Crazy Switch Asians

New Savage Lovecast: With Andrew Rannells!

Dirty Secret Discovered After Sexless Weekend

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The Sins of the Grandfather

Straight Boy Takes the Plunger

Her Son Wants Just One Thing For His Birthday...

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Loaded Question

Cheater Shocked to Learn Spouse Also Cheating

Should She Stay or Should She Go?

I've Upset the Vegans

She Cheated... Now What?

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