From Blogging Georgetown, we get news that the Columbia City Cinema is in trouble. The State Department of Financial Institutions issued a cease-and-desist order alleging the cinema and its owner “violated state securities registration and anti-fraud laws” when it sold stock through its website(to buy new sprinklers by the end of the year, without which it risks being shut down by the Fire Department) without having first registered with the Securities administrator. The DFI told the cinema to stop selling stocks or face fines. The owner, according to a Times article, actually isn't worried about the order—his attorney says it's all be patched up shortly—but the cinema's sprinklers still need to be replaced—now. If the money isn't raised, they'll be closing at the end of the year. Sigh… soon we will have nothing to do but sit at home and read books, just you wait.

What’s fat, red, and coming your way? It's Santacon, the annual Santa-themed, booze-fueled Bacchanalia that snakes through Seattle well into the evening. This year, Santas will meet at the Fremont Troll on Saturday, December 18th at noon. From there, it's unclear where they'll go, but the Fremont Universe blog says, "likely somewhere alcohol is served." If you want to participate, here are the rules, according to the blog:

Every Santa is referred to as Santa, in the first, second, and third person, singular and plural. Have something ready to hand out, even if it’s just candy canes. NEVER wash the suit.
Hundreds of Santas are expected to participate—join in or if you have children, head to Fremont on Saturday and blow their tiny young minds. HO HO HO!

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Wedgewood View, among a few other blogs, has a map from a Seattle Public Utilities meteorologist that shows the relative rainfalls from the Pineapple Express on different neighborhoods. West Seattle got positively soaked. Interesting stuff.

From Laurelhurssszzzzz……. sorry! BIG NEWS from the Laurelhurst blog(?!). There’s a report from website Walletpop (citing FBI data) that ranks Laurelhurst as the boringest safest neighborhood in Seattle, putting it on a par with the safest neighborhoods in Memphis and Indianapolis. Why that recommends a place is beyond me. I used to live in Laurelhurst, and, well, now I don’t. But look a little closer: Laurelhurst is actually only safer than 60% of the neighborhoods in the country. Perhaps it's more exciting than I thought?