A translation, courtesy of slog commenter aiff:

(Caption: Fukushima 1 Filmed from the Air at Close Range)
The latest footage in just now from Fukushima Plant No. 1.

(Caption: 4 PM yesterday)
This was filmed by a TEPCO employee flying in a Self-Defence Force helicopter yesterday.

You can tell that the roof of the building housing Reactor 3 has blown off, damaged by the hydrogen explosion on the 14th, and that the framing is twisted.

Rubble is strewn around the area in great quantities, and white smoke is spreading up into the air.

And now Reactor 4, with the form of the reactor building slightly more preserved than Reactor 3’s. White smoke is coming out from its side, although less than the amount of Reactor 3’s.

According to the TEPCO personnel flying in the helicopter, there is something water-like remaining in the location believed to be the spent fuel pool.

TEPCO explains that the situation is more serious at Reactor 3, which they poured water onto today.

You can tell that white smoke is coming from it at multiple locations.