Everyone remember this from yesterday?


Okay. Well, unfortunately, when I tried to respond, I discovered that my new lady-penpal had blocked me on the Facebook (accidentally, I'm sure!) so that I could not write her back. So all of your wonderful suggestions were for nought. Frowny-face. Fortunately, this lady's lucky, lucky husband was still my super-close online best friend and lover, even though we have never met and I have no idea who he is. So I reached out to him! Communication is important!


His reply:


Oh, cool! Great point! Then "he" blocked me too. So I can't reply. Ohhh, strangely aggressive internet strangers calling me a slut for no reason and then not letting me write you back, I will miss you. Wife person, I will miss the protracted and incredibly hilarious internet fight we never got to have. Husband person, I will miss your genitals that I touched all those times inside your wife's crazybrain. It was brief but beautiful, and we'll always have the memories. Of all that time we never spent together. Because I LITERALLY HAVE NO FUCKING IDEA WHO YOU ARE. Good luck with your divorce. Love, Lindy.