I'm not surprised Yahweh would be smiting these statues; after all, he was pretty explicit about that, "Thou Shalt Not Worship Graven Images" commandment.
Was the Lord more offended by the sheer vulgarity of the "sculpture" or by the football-related nickname that He had already given to His likeness at University of Notre Dame?

I suppose that it shall remain a mystery.
@ 3. Yeah, that thing is one of the ugliest things I've ever seen. I think god is a pretty righteous art critic.
Wow. That is just about the ugliest thing I've ever seen.
Wouldn't it technically be a moulded image rather than a graven image?
The National Cathedral lost some spires in yesterday's earthquake, too. Our research university is fine, however.
You left out that there's a porn superstore almost right across the street from Big Butter Jesus.
I chuckled over "flame leotardent." Thanks for that.
My favorite picture of the old Jesus:…
@9 Not just a chuckle. I did a full on coffee snarf. Luckily it was iced.
I live about 30 minutes from that place and most people in the area were laughing their asses off at how the original statue was stuck by lightning while the Hustler store across the interstate was untouched.
Lightning strikes were never really Yahweh's territory; theyre more Zeus' style.
Jesus is resin!
@14, nice one.
I like how in the picture of the fire the fiery spirit of Touchdown Jesus appears to be leaping free of his crumbling body. Phoenix Jesus!

What I like about Touchdown Jesus is how it's only the top half of his body. I prefer to think that rather than only being half a statue, it's actually a complete statue of a version of the story in which Jesus was stabbed right through the spine as he died on the cross, rotted for a while until his legs fell off, and then emerged from the cave as half a Jesus, a holy crawler zombie pulling himself along by his broken, bleeding fingers and snapping at your sinning ankles.
@1: Yeah, one of the more glaring theological contradictions that I have problems with Christianity for.
Me three. I was casually reading along and nearly spewed milk and Clif bar on the keyboard at "flame leotardent."
I love any story that describes the heat coming off of Jesus.
Thank God they're spending money on this, rather than helping the poor.
i thought this was going to be about the washington monument.
See? Even Jesus is a flamer!
It looks better on fire. They should erect a tiny memorial and spend their HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS to replace that piece of shit on actually helping people in their community....but that's not going to happen, is it. Artist's note: styrofoam is flammable.
A church near my house burned down after getting struck by lightning. I was always amused that they weren't able to get insurance money for it, because according to the insurance company, a lightning strike is an "act of God."
Have any of those things actually been hit by lightning?
This is on the highway between my house and my sister's house. For a while, it was burned up zombie jesus and I wish they had left it like that. It was pretty awesome. That statue has had so many issues - the arms fell off a couple of times and I'm pretty sure this isn't the first time it was struck by lightening either.
God looked down and said, "My Son does NOT look like that abomination!"
The Lord God looked down and said, "My Son does NOT look like that abomination!"
@28 -- i think it's properly styled: The Lord Sir God, Ph.D, NAE
"leotardant?" I didn't know leotarded had become a meme. Cool.
The only tragedy here is that all the fish in the surrounding pond are now "dead or dying".
A cigar is a cigar- but a Jesus statue getting struck by lightening, well, that's a smote.

not Kipling
I'm mildly surprised that so few people have taken the East Coast earthquake as a sign of displeasure with the Republican congress and the Michele Perromney candidacies.

I guess consistency is not big with these people.
Leotardent! tee-hee!
They of little faith. Don't they know that, without intervention, he would have risen again on the third day?
Isn't it obvious??!! The devil did it!!! hmm mm
Bad art + imaginary god = just say no!
I'm surprised nobody else mentioned that one of the few buildings damaged in Washington D.C. during Tuesday's earthquake was the spires of the National Cathedral. The gay bars, strip clubs, and even the capitol rotunda all escaped the angry wrath of god.
It is situations like this which make christians look like idiots!!! If they were true followers of Jesus and YHWH then they would never had made this statue in the first place - and certainly would not be rebuilding it =( Please though, if we could all refrain from vulgar and disrespectful comments... There are those of us on here who are true Christians in every sense, and abhor blasphemy of our God and His son. Thanks!
I totally agree with #39!!! Well said.

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