I'm not a fan of the Seahawks, the football team, as much as I'm fan of Seahawks fans. And Seahawks chutzpah. I love Richard Sherman speaking with his middle finger. I love that a he's enraging an embittered Senate Republican. I'm a total convert. This crazy cultural explosion should be backed a zillion percent, and I couldn't give a fuck whether we win or lose the Super Bowl—as long as we continue to lose our extroverted minds doing it.

Seattle is suddenly loud, proud, brash, willing to brag about what we're good at, and relishing the destruction of our rivals as painfully, shamelessly, and publicly as possible. That's the opposite of the sensitive, insular, reticent, feckless, and timid culture of Seattle itself. Our weirdly passive gestalt permeates the central neighborhoods and standoffish social gatherings—to say nothing of our moribund, unadventurous city hall and its tender egos. But pro-sports Seahawks culture is pretty suburban. That balls-out suburban culture is permeating our pussyfooted city, and it's great. So praise the insane Seahwaks fans for their adrenaline. The surge of Seahawks fandom is the antidote to everything that sucks about our shitty fishing village.