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News Tue 1:11 PM

Seattle Police Officer Throws Handcuffed 58-Year-Old Man to the Ground

Office of Police Accountability Investigating over Use of Force

News Feb 21 12:08 PM

King County Prosecutors Decline to Charge SPD Officer for Killing Pedestrian

Officer Kevin Dave Will Face No Criminal Consequences for Hitting and Killing Jaahnavi Kandula

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News Feb 15 11:27 AM

Prosecutors File No Charges Against Pro-Palestine Protesters

SPD Still Investigating Protesters but May Have Overreacted

News Feb 9 10:12 AM

SPD Is Having Trouble Retaining Women Officers

A List of Lawsuits and Complaints May Contain Some Clues to This Mystery

Bad Apples Jan 31 9:00 AM

Bad Apples

SPD Cops Hassle the Homeless, Hit a Parked Car, Dilly-Dally in Response to a Car Prowler

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News Jan 26 5:24 PM

Mistrial for 'Stop the Sweeps' Protester Charged with Standing on RV for 12 Minutes

City Attorney Wastes Money on Three-Day Trial, and May Waste More

News Jan 11 5:38 PM

Seattle Police Chief Accused of “History of Misogyny” in New Lawsuit

Cop Claims Diaz Said Women Could Be Cheerleaders While the Men Played Flag Football 

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News Dec 22 11:08 AM

Rally Held After Jury Acquits Tacoma Officers of Manuel Ellis’s Murder

Their Future with the Department Remains Unclear; Tacoma Police Chief Promises Disciplinary Decision Within Two Weeks

Bad Apples Dec 12 10:58 AM

Bad Apples

2023 Reveals of SPD Officers Bullying Kids, Driving Dangerously, Committing Crimes

Cops Dec 5 3:00 PM

Seattle Police Department Pitches Dramatic Expansion of Vehicle Surveillance

If Approved, Cops—and the Public—Can Track a Car for 90 Days

City Nov 29 2:00 PM

Seattle’s Antifa City Council Lets Police Department Keep Its Slush Funds

The Most Expensive Department Continues to Hoard the City’s Wealth at the Expense of Other Services

Cops Nov 17 9:00 AM

All Complaints Sustained Against a Seattle Police Officer Who Allegedly Stalked Ex-Girlfriend

SPD Roster Shows Officer Andrew Swartz Still Employed in October

News Nov 16 9:00 AM

City Council Agrees to Pay Cops Double Time for Working Special Events

In Return, the City Can Now Tap Parking Enforcement to Direct Traffic Sometimes

News Oct 30 2:06 PM

Delays Plague Workgroup Meant to Help Victims of Police Violence

A New Proposal Keeps the Ball Rolling, but Advocates Remain Skeptical 

Cops Oct 10 11:01 AM

How to Reduce Random Acts of Violence in Seattle

Hint: The Answer Isn’t More Cops