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Cops Jun 26 9:02 AM

Seattle Cops Accuse Pro-Palestine Protester of Hate Crime for Stickering a McDonald’s Sign

Protester Accuses Cops of Wasting Everybody’s Time and Money

Bad Apples Jun 21 8:55 AM

Bad Apples

SPD Fires a Racist Cop, Jan 6 Cop Taunts Man in Crisis, SPD Fires a Cop for DUI and Sexual Assault Accusation

Cops Jun 20 9:00 AM

Seattle Police Officers Misgender, Handcuff Deaf Transgender Woman During Involuntary Commitment

The Woman Filed a Complaint that Can Go Nowhere Due to Police Union Contract

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News Jun 11 9:00 AM

SPD Sergeant Caught on Video Repeatedly Hitting Suspect Once Bragged About Breaking Nightstick on Someone

The Office of Police Accountability Has Opened an Investigation into Sgt. Nathan Patterson

News Jun 5 9:00 AM

VIDEO: Two Seattle Police Officers Caught on Camera Repeatedly Hitting Suspect

Witness Who Filmed Officers Called the Force “Excessive”

News Jun 4 11:00 AM

Text Messages Show Federal Monitor Expressing Little Concern about Claims of Racial Discrimination at Seattle Police Department

Group Chat also Reveals SPD Leadership Called Racial Discrimination Claims a Way to “Get Paid on Way Out”

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News May 29 8:12 AM

Seattle Police Chief Adrian Diaz Out as Top Hog

City Launches National Search for New Police Chief

News May 21 9:00 AM

Is Washington Getting Its Own Cop City?

Potential for Militarization at New Lacey Training Center Spurs Concerns

Bad Apples May 14 1:51 PM

Bad Apples

Seattle Police Officers Dismiss Domestic Violence, Unjustifiably Tase a Person, and Drive Drunk (Again)

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Cops May 2 8:00 AM

Investigation Finds Seattle Police Officer Violated Policy by Using Racial Slur

Chief of Police Adrian Diaz Still Must Decide Discipline for Officer

Cops Apr 29 10:00 AM

The Rise and Fall of the BolaWrap

The Innovative Technology to Stop Cops from Shooting People with Knives Failed to Deliver

News Apr 10 12:43 PM

Proposed Contract Kills Any Hope for Real Police Alternatives in Seattle

The Union Basically Negotiated for Some Police Assistants

News Apr 5 6:29 PM

In New Police Union Contract, Seattle Gives Cops Huge Pay Raises but Gets Little Accountability in Return

“The Change Is So Minimal, It’s Almost Like They Did Nothing”

News Apr 2 9:00 AM

SPD Detective Under Investigation for Pulling Over Metro Bus Driver

A Passenger Took a Viral Video of the Incident

News Mar 26 9:00 AM

Seattle’s Dual Dispatch Program Is Underutilized

We Could Unleash It If the Mayor Would Stop Letting the Police Union Run the Town

Cops Mar 18 9:00 AM

See a Cop Driving Irresponsibly? Report It.

If We Report Enough Cops for Driving Badly, Maybe They’ll Stop Killing Us and Costing Us Money

News Mar 15 3:43 PM

Seattle Floats Subsidized Housing for Cops in the Face of a Homelessness Crisis, a Huge Budget Deficit, and a Million Other Actual Problems

Other Cities Have Tried Paying for Cop Housing, and It Doesn’t Appear to Reel 'Em In 

News Feb 27 1:11 PM

Seattle Police Officer Throws Handcuffed 58-Year-Old Man to the Ground

Office of Police Accountability Investigating over Use of Force