I should've known not to leave such a huge responsibility as taking care of my cat for two weeks up to such a dirtbag as yourself. Your "that's what neighbors are for" routine clouded my judgment, and I'm thoroughly ashamed of myself for not realizing what a huge fucking mistake I was making. I didn't want to look like a jerk and tell you I'd rather have someone else do it despite my reservations—and now my cat is dead because you fucked up, you fucking asshole. All you had to do was follow the simple instructions I left for you, which I also repeated to you numerous times! Instead you "blew it" and forgot about the medicine you were supposed to put in his food. My main concern was that you'd rifle through my shit while in my apartment. Unfortunately, I underestimated your worthlessness. Thanks also for not telling me when I called to check on everything—your attempt to "not ruin my vacation" was a real classy move. I hope you overdose on whatever chemical seems to have rendered you legally retarded.