When you were down on your luck, I lent you money to make a car payment on your stupidly overpriced BMW that you couldn't afford. Shortly thereafter, our relationship fell apart and I asked you to pay me back. You refused. Then you made false claims that you already had paid me back. When my cat was diagnosed with lymphoma and needed $2,500 in emergency vet care, you still didn't pay me back. She died in my arms, and you still wouldn't pay me back. Now I am diagnosed with recurrent cancer and am facing an invasive, exploratory surgery and medical leave from work, and you STILL WON'T PAY ME BACK. All because you are fucking heartbroken that I didn't want to spend the rest of my (potentially shortened) life with you. Now that I know what little heart you actually have, I know how you would have handled the "for better and for worse." You're despicable—and if cancer were contagious, I would gladly share some with you.