As a young lad, I was extremely handsome. I was always surrounded by girls. My problem was I was too shy to interact with them. Too introverted to even know how to behave around them. It took a female only a few seconds to realize I was a complete loser. I could have had any girl I wanted, but my intense fear of rejection overcame the natural instinct to procreate.

I met a woman who loved me more than anything. She was smart, educated, gainfully employed, and sweet as ripe strawberries. I ran from her. Now she is 10 years married with two kids. I am childless and living at my mother's.

My bloodline stops at me. There are no males in my family besides my brother, who is done having kids. He has two girls. The curse stops at me, and the fail ends here. I'm not suicidal, nor am I looking for sympathy. I am intelligent, handsome, physically active, and compassionate. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to apply these attributes to better my own life. I am a failure.