Spike Huntington and Nick Chandler-Klein were married in Freeway Park, on the sort of flawless July day when it seems like it will stay light out forever. The couple read the vows they wrote for each other at the fountain on Sixth and Seneca. Surrounded by trees and flowers, the angular cement fountain resembled a waterfall. Nick and Spike's parents recited lyrics of the song "Origin of Love" from Hedwig and the Angry Inch, and then the couple stepped on a glass together in the Jewish tradition. This was met with cheers of "Mazel tov!"

The wedding guests rode to Melrose Market Studios in a wood-paneled shuttle like a very low-flying private jet. Dinner included roasted rainbow carrots with pistachios, which were so popular it wouldn't have been shocking to see people putting them in their pockets. There was a "Nick" cocktail and a "Spike" cocktail (an excellent gin and tonic; a vodka cran) with stripy paper straws that one person compared to Beetlejuice's legs. Spike's college friends showed me pictures of the tugboat where they were staying, which featured a lady on the deck in a sequined yacht-captain costume, minus pants.

Spike and Nick's first dance was to "The Book of Love" by the Magnetic Fields. Nick is about five foot five, and Spike is six foot five at least. There was something especially poignant about watching them look into each other's eyes across that distance. They turned in slow circles, holding each other. Everyone cried. The couple danced with their mothers to a Jonathan Richman song, and then with each other while their moms and dads danced. It appeared that more than one member of Nick's family had taken waltz classes. This drew everybody else onto the floor, and I was soon dancing to Whitney Houston with several euphoric librarians and a guy wearing a tie as a headband. The newlyweds were surrounded by the people who loved them, all of whom were clearly ready to celebrate their love long into the night. recommended

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