First of all, congrats on a successful Pet Issue. I found the information about cats in heat especially interesting. There's one thing that gives me pause, however, actually it's egregiously unfair, and it's your cover art. Why is the Ugly Pet Contest restricted to ugly pets? As a Shiba Inu, an ancient Japanese breed increasingly popular in Seattle, in part because we are very good-looking—it's just a fact—this exclusion feels pointed. Also, don't you agree it's just bad business? Sure, cats with no eyes or dogs with fucked-up teeth can be cute, but it's a "chewed gum" kind of cute. Don't you think actual beauty would help you connect with readers? Have you ever seen... I don't know... me? I can't tell you the number of times I've been called beautiful, or literally groped, while my owner Jenny is grocery shopping at the Metropolitan Market in West Seattle. But heavy petting in the pasta aisle isn't cutting it anymore, and I'm looking to expand my portfolio. I asked the presenting sponsor, Jet City Animal Clinic, how to right this wrong you're perpetuating with this anti-beauty stance of yours, and they said to talk to you. I'm attaching a recent pic so you can consider me for next year.


Reba the Shiba