This afternoon King County Elections tallied up 20,000 ballots across the county, a smaller drop than usual even for the Wednesday after Election Day, which usually only contains the dregs from last night's count. But given the fact that staff had to evacuate the department's Renton premises for three hours after a worker discovered white powder in an envelope this morning, I'd say they actually did a pretty good job! 

Anyhow, the small drop didn't change much in terms of vote totals, but it did move the needle on one race in particular. 

With 51% of the vote share, Seattle City Council Member Teresa Mosqueda stepped ahead of Burien Mayor Sofia Aragon, who now trails with 49% of the vote. If Mosqueda's lead holds, which it will, then she will become the first Latina elected to the King County Council. But who will replace her? Look to Slog tomorrow at the dawning of the first light. 

Speaking of making history on the King County Council, former Northwest Immigrant Rights Project Executive Director Jorge Barón added a smidge to his lead over Assistant Attorney General Sarah Reyneveld. He now leads 56.5% to 43% and will likely become the first Latino ever elected to the Council. 

As for the city council races, former Transportation Choices Coalition Executive Director Alex Hudson added a point to her vote share. She now trails cannabis business owner Joy Hollingsworth 42% to 57%. All the other "progressives" in the race—Maren Costa, Tammy Morales, Ron Davis, ChrisTiana ObeySumner, Dan Strauss, and Andrew Lewis—added half a point or less to their totals. 

While The Stranger's picks for council are still trying to dig themselves out of the grave, we still rule the school. All our school board picks added a liiiiiittle bit to their totals. In District 1, Board Vice President Liza Rankin now leads 61% to 38%. In District 2, incumbent Board Director Lisa Rivera Smith still leads former Whitman Principal Christina Posten 68% to 31%. In District 3, Evan Briggs increase her lead over Ben Gittenstein a bit, now leading 51.5% to 48%. And in District 6, Gina Topp is still dominating Maryanne Wood, 87% to 12.5%. 

Things are looking brighter for renters and progressives down in Tacoma, though. Council Member Olgy Diaz jumped ahead of challenger Kristen Wynne, which will give Jamika Scott, a DSA member who widened her lead in today's tally, another friend on council to help push the conversation to the left. The tenants bill of rights measure also improved its position a little and may end up passing in the next few days.