SPLIFF Film Fest

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SIFF Cinema Egyptian Capitol Hill
April 19–20


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Recommended by Chase Burns

Hey stoners, have you heard the most important news of 2019? (Big claim, but definitely true.) We’re baking up a trippy new film festival! The creators of HUMP! and Savage Love have created Spliff. It’s the world’s first film festival created by the stoned, for the stoned. Expect trippy films, comedic shorts, quickie documentaries, parodies of anti-pot educational films (think Reefer Madness), total mind-fucks, and maybe even some pot-influenced actual fucks. (21-plus only, thanks!)

SPLIFF from HUMP! Film Festival on Vimeo.

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SIFF Cinema Egyptian

801 E Pine St, Seattle, WA

Event Times
  • April 19–20