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International Clash Day

Online Across Seattle
Thurs Feb 7

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Started by Seattle's own KEXP (on the Morning Show with John Richards, to be exact), International Clash Day honors the iconic British punk band—specifically its frontman, Joe Strummer—and the "pro-solidarity, pro-unity," and "pro-inclusion" messages their music conveyed. This year, you can catch a live broadcast of KEXP's London-based International Clash Day event, or, more locally, check out shows at Washington Hall (with Hotels, Mirrorgloss, Guayaba, and Dark Smith) and Tim's Tavern (with Julian Stocking). Jellyfish Brewing will also host a livestream-watching party complete with a special Clash-inspired beer release. You can also find a list of International Clash Day events in other cities here.


Seattle, WA 98104

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This event is in the past.
  • Thurs Feb 7