The Time I Caught a Garter Snake and Brought It Home

I found it at a cemetery near Aurora Avenue.


Wow! Snakes creep me the hell out...but they also fascinate me. Not rattlesnakes or boa constrictors or the huge Anaconda...but garter snakes. I once watched a garter snake swallow a live goldfish. I was horrified and yet I could not walk away. I also couldn't eat for a day or so. That poor goldfish!

Anyway, good on you, Sarah Galvin! I think I will stick to loving cats, dogs, rabbits, kangaroo, bears, etc.
hey Sarah- in the state of WA, it's really illegal to capture a wild, native animal and bring it home, even if you only keep it a short while. you might want to add this disclaimer for your readers?
My brother had a boa constrictor he named Portnoy, which grew to over 6 feet long -- until it ate a kitten, and my brother gave it away.
Great story! Snakes are awesome pets with more quirks and personality than people would expect. They're so much fun. Maybe you should get a captive-bred one at a local pet store? Probably don't keep it on a cricket diet, though. :P