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This is not a complete list.

Also known as self-empowerment for single people. Eugenia Loli



TMI. But I dare you to append the workplaces where you masturbated, and I dare it to be Dan Savage's office.


You and a trusted poet have got to have the conversation about iambs and anapests.


Jasmine, this is one of things that in a few years you're going to think back on and juuuust cringe.

What's going on over there at the Stranger? Were the editors off on an Ayahuasca retreat or something?


"Love, Seattle Style."


Jasmyne- There is a GUY out there for you.




I wish this had been written by Mudede.

In the Dining Room at Lecosho

My hands slick with fat from the house-made pork sausage, I manipulated a hog of my own under the table. The tablecloth disguised my furtive fondlings, which were indeed reminiscent of Gustav Heinrich Ernst Martin Wilhelm Furtwängler, the seminal German composer/conductor who did for symphonic direction what Karl Marx did for economic theory.

I thought of Amada Knox as I labored upon the means of my production. My seed socialized with the underside of the table. Suddenly, I was conscious of the prodigious amounts of red wine I had consumed.


So, you lived in Spain then?


I felt compelled to create an account because of all you philistines. This is a beautiful way to tell the story of a woman's journey to sexual empowerment and casting off societal expectations surrounding masturbation and the need to be "partnered". Also, it seems that she was able to come much easier in times she was embracing her authentic self and not creating elaborate fantasies. Most sexual dysfunction is caused by bad expectations and unresolved shame. Which it seems some of you would like to heap back on a person. No one is accountable to anyone else for what gets them off or their life choices; the most freeing thing you can do is learn to meet your own needs.


@11 - she doesn’t deserve shame because she masturbated, she deserves it for thinking she’s tracey emin.


12 This.

Story: Yawn.

11 Double yawn.


To those who think that she just tossed off this article, you don't know jack. Although it's hard, she can pound one out with the best of them.


I found it a great read. I'd love to see more people write similarly. Sometimes we learn what other people are like sexually with us, but rarely do we get to learn what they're like alone.


“I wonder if I'm too self-sufficient. If this ability to pleasure myself, this independence, this lack of having had a partner or long-term romantic relationship inhibits me in some unforeseen way. Is my vulnerability at risk? My empathy? Am I secretly some sort of monster who can't connect!? I calm down—probably not. In any case, I'm more interested in wanting not needing, in knowing myself and my body, in pleasure, in alternative ways of being an un-partnered woman in this world.

Thinking this, I come really hard.”

This. This so hard. This is so very relatable. I often wonder if I’m “weird” for knowing how to satisfy myself so well, for not needing or even wanting another person’s touch to feel good.

Thank you for this, Jasmyn!

Also, fuck the trolls. Open ya little minds a bit!

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