I first became aware of this Tucker Max human waaay back in the earlier part of the decade when he was featured in an episode of MTV's documentary series True Life (True Life: "I Have a Penis and I'm Going to Put It in You Now" or True Life: "Women Are Whores and I Went to Law School" or True Life: "Give Me a Book Deal, Please" or whatever it was). Max is a handsome fellow—tall, blondish, smirky, marketable—who runs around getting drunk and fucking hot chicks and quoting his own tasty bons mots and then spraying outlandish, grammatically questionable tales all over the internet's face (you know you love it, internet). The escapades generally go like this:

People started doing keg stands, which led to perhaps the defining moment of the trip. This one girl, who was ugly and a bitch (thus, didn't have basic human rights) started doing one. Don't ask me why I did this, because I have no idea why, but when she was upside down, legs spread apart, I punched her right in the vagina.

Charming. Hilarious. I'm sure that one girl—being ugly and a bitch—didn't need that vagina, anyway. Punch it to death! And it's okay, you see, because Max is an asshole. He admits it, right on the back of his book! He's just being honest. And if you don't like it, you are very, very fat.

Now, Max has a movie called I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell. The film opens with Max (played by the cherubic Matt Czuchry) fucking a deaf girl then telling all the other law students at his law school about it in their law-school classroom (did he mention he's in law school?). "Didn't you hook up with a mute girl last semester?" inquires his meaty law-school friend. "That makes you two-thirds of the way to a Helen Keller!" Then some stuff happens, and then Max and Meaty Friend and some other guy take off on a bachelor-party road trip. Other Guy tells a stripper to "get away from me or I'm going to carve another fuck hole in your torso" (it's okay, you see, because that character hates women! It's all in the context). Then, after an hour or so, Max fucks a midget stripper. Then I left (I am hella busy, you guys).

So who gives a shit? I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell made approximately zero dollars at the box office. It's the 2003 version of edgy: all midget obsessions and McGriddles and Urban Dictionary sex moves and repartee like "This is going to fail worse than a Friends spin-off" (NICE ONE, MILTON BERLE). But it's not harmless. The attitude and the culture that Max espouses—central thesis: "I don't hate women; I love women! Why else would I put up with all their shit?"—is antiquated and damaging and fucking dumb. And even if Max is just playing a character for profit (it's irony! It's satire! It's jokes!), his fans aren't. The satire is thin. Unlike you, fatty!!! Ha-ha, fatties. recommended