This good-hearted documentary tracks the US comedy tour undertaken by a group of standup comedians who happen to be Muslim (plus a Jew or two). Aiming squarely at red states, our fearless comics hand out flyers at gun shows, do interactive promotions in town squares, and perform their gigs in tiny bars and meeting halls to prove a host of points: Muslims live among us and always have. Very, very few of them want to kill us. And some of them are funny as poop.

Directors (and featured performers/subjects) Negin Farsad and Dean Obeidallah spice up their road-trip footage with pedantic gags (including an illuminating Old Testament/New Testament/Koran pop quiz) and spliced-in video bits of Islamophobia in action (thanks primarily to Fox News and internet commenters).

As those name-checked sources attest, The Muslims Are Coming! has a whiff of shooting-fish-in-a-barrel about it, but the film makes its important points with charm. The group is the point: Seeing one Muslim standup is cool, but seeing five Muslim standups, each one trying to be the funniest Muslim in the room (while looking very little alike), is revelatory. As for the comedy: A couple jokes made me do a spit take, a whole bunch of others made me chuckle, and a special few reminded me that Muslims are just as likely as anyone else to suck at comedy. recommended