How does this job compare to others you've held?

I've worked in the food industry for many years as a barista, cocktail server, and fine-dining server, and this job is more entertaining. We have lots of interaction with great customers who we see every day, which makes us feel really ingrained in the community here. We focus less on how much we sell, and more on the quality of our service and our food.

Tell me about your pastry process please.

Well, our pastry girls begin production at 5:00 a.m. They are here to educate themselves. We are a nationally recognized pastry company, and as such we have an excellent training and mentorship program for serious bakers. We have several shifts, so basically our girls bake throughout the day, and simultaneously prepare batches for the following day's pastries.

Close your eyes and tell me about your favorite pastry.

My favorite sweet that we offer would have to be the lemon tart, or our chocolate chip cookies. For something savory, I go for the ham 'n' cheese dumpling. It's a heart attack in a pocket—BUTTER BUTTER BUTTER!

Interview by Cienna Madrid