Manager, Highstrike Grill
4505 39th Ave SW, 937-4050

So you're the manager of the Highstrike Grill at West Seattle Bowl. How did you go about designing the menu?

I wanted to design a menu for bowlers but class it up a little bit. I talked to a lot of bowlers—they want foods that can be eaten with one hand, so the other is free for ball handling.

How has your Chipotle Chicken Bacon Ranch pizza been received so far? I, for one, ran around in circles foaming at the mouth, then posted something on Facebook about it.

It's been received really well. It's one of the most popular pizzas we sell.

The Highstrike Burger has bacon on it, and you serve a salmon BLT and even a BLT hot dog! Does bacon facilitate bowling, the way certain kinds of tea facilitate meditation?

I like bacon. Even vegetarians like the smell of bacon!

I can't speak for everyone, but I'm vegetarian and I love the smell of bacon.

You wouldn't think bacon would go with fish, but they're great together. We have lots of vegetarian options, too. The hummus for our hummus plate is homemade.

Do you offer any glow-in-the-dark foods for West Seattle Bowl's weekly black-light bowling night, GlowZone?

GlowZone seems like a grilled cheese kind of atmosphere. Our grilled cheese has Havarti, Swiss, and cheddar on focaccia with tomato and basil. recommended