So you're the owner of the food truck known as Here and There. How do you choose your rotating monthly selection of mobile foods?

I choose what's in season or what looks good. I like to have a vegetarian thing, a chicken thing, and a beef thing. Also, people make requests.

Would you say that some foods are fundamentally immobile, like soup or a giant lead hot dog?

I can't do things like pizza, because there's not enough oven space and it requires too much preparation. To order our chicken potpies, I ask that people call 30 minutes in advance.

I read that your dad is the inventor of SpaghettiOs! As a child, did you get to try any flammable, caffeinated, or temporarily blinding SpaghettiOs prototypes?

We ate a lot of SpaghettiOs. We used to talk about the jingle—"18 meatballs in every can." We ate them cold, right out of the can.

Why won't Lynnwood allow mobile restaurants? Are they opposed to giving people a dining alternative to Taco Bell and nail salon fumes?

I don't know. A commenter on one of our online reviews wrote, "They'd rather have the empty shell of a Circuit City and a Hooters than a mobile restaurant in town."

Do you prefer to station your truck here or there?

Here, then there. recommended