The other owner of the Blue Glass also owns the Tractor Tavern, the music venue and bar that's been around forever. What made him decide to start a restaurant?

Dan and I are friends—we met here five years ago. I was managing a restaurant, and we both love food and wine. In a roundabout way, we acquired this space.

Is the Blue Glass also an environment that facilitates square dancing?

Perhaps in the parking lot. Though you never know—bluegrass at the Blue Glass. We're mostly about making food that's easy to understand and fun to eat.

Is there actually a blue glass? The ones pictured on the website are clear.

The Blue Glass is named after a Picasso painting I love. But yes, there's one blue glass up on the shelf—it's our mascot.

Does the char-grilled coulotte steak bear any resemblance to "culottes," that mysterious garment that is neither pants nor skirt?

No, and there's only one coulotte per cow, so in order for culottes to fit the coulottes, they would have to go on two cows at once.

You describe your wine list as "approachable." Do you mean approachable as opposed to melon-ball-flavored Boone's Farm?

I'll admit there are screw tops on our menu, but we mean affordable and good-tasting. recommended