I know Oskar is a fish that lives in your lounge, the Bubble Room. Did you and Oskar decide to start a restaurant over cocktails, algae, and other tiny marine organisms one night?

No, I named the fish Oskar after the restaurant. He was one of the first five fish and the only one of the originals that hasn't died. Oskar is a soldier.

Why do you think people love to eat fish in rooms with fish tanks? You never see people eating barbecue in a room full of live chickens.

I went to China last year, and I saw a lot more live fish in restaurants. In America, people don't like to look at what they're eating.

The food at Oskar's is described on the website as "American cuisine with a regional twist." What dish would you say is the most characteristic of this region?

Actually, the region would be Greece. KK is Greek—he's in the kitchen here, and his Greekness rubs off on the food.

I recently saw a new pair of Adidas basketball shoes designed to look like teddy bears. Would you wear something like that?

It's okay to be soft like a teddy bear, but I would not put those on. I consider myself a little fashionable, but a teddy bear look? That's not meant for a man. It's meant for teenagers. recommended