Last time I visited Hunger, ghost hunters were here to determine whether the building is haunted. What were the results?

Jaime: We're still waiting for the results. They took a few infrared photos. Since the original bartender left, nothing strange has happened, though. They say paranormal activity follows certain people.

Brian: Maybe the ghosts just liked his cocktails.

Have you added any dishes designed to drive away ghosts?

J: The crab on the paella might.

B: Or the Gouda burger. We also have fresh pasta now, for spring.

Absinthe seems to range from vaguely boozy licorice water to something with noticeably different effects than a shot of whiskey. Will your house-made absinthe make the inside of this restaurant look like a Van Gogh painting?

B: Absolutely. Our New Orleans–style red absinthe is very strong, with a spicy bite to it. It has enough wormwood that you'll definitely be happy by the time you finish it.

I read that the original Spanish tapas were simply a slice of meat or bread resting on top of a glass of sherry. Which item on your menu would you say is most comparable to this?

J: Our bruschetta—it's shrimp on bread, with a relish.

Someone online complained there was too much nudity on your TV—what were you playing?

B: Invasion of the Bee Girls. It's pretty unusual and cool. We've since switched to older black-and-white movies to keep it G-rated. recommended