What's the most interesting thing you've seen someone do after drinking one of your espresso cocktails? Any Four Loko–esque hallucinogenic frenzies?

A woman took her shirt off on the dance floor during business hours. She had a couple of espresso cocktails. Maybe she got too hot?

White Rabbit is advertised as a "music cafe," with live music six or seven nights a week. Is the Alice in Wonderland theme designed to attract Jefferson Airplane cover bands?

[Laughs] We want people to come down the rabbit hole with us and have a really good time. We have funk, rock, DJs—we're kind of all over the place. Michael Shrieve's Spellbinder plays Mondays—he was the original drummer of Santana.

If one side of the mushroom in Alice in Wonderland makes you larger and one side makes you smaller, what magical effects are your personal pizzas likely to have?

It's a quick snack, it's filling, and we use quality ingredients from PCC. We also make a habanero-infused sauce.

How did you choose which toppings would constitute a "Jabberwocky" pizza?

The Jabberwocky is a beast in Alice in Wonderland. We put all our ingredients on that pizza. It's the monster of our kitchen.

Are the togarashi tater tots the result of after-hours experimentation at the Rabbit's sibling, sushi restaurant Shiku?

Funny enough, yes. We do togarashi edamame there. recommended