This building has been in your family for 40 years. Has it always functioned as a cafe?

My dad imported two-way radios from Japan in the 1970s, and his office was upstairs. The Russian mob wanted to rent the place, but we rented part of the building to Taco Del Mar in 1992. Then we turned the rest of it into a bakery two years ago. "Nollie" was my dad's nickname.

If your Monte Cristo waffle sandwich was molded from bronze, it could be used as a monument to hedonism. How was this sandwich created?

We wanted to serve a delicious Monte Cristo for five bucks, so we experimented. What really makes it is the mixture of syrup and jam.

Do people combine your vegan and meat dishes by ordering, for example, a wild rice and kale salad with a slice of ham on it?

People order the gluten-free, vegan, soy-free lasagna with bacon! We just want to find out what the people in the neighborhood want and serve it to them.

Did you choose Double DD Meats as a supplier because they carry more than 2,000 hot sauces, or because their website has probably confused over 2,000 people looking for porn?

[Laughs] Either is impressive enough! Also they're third generation, in Mountlake Terrace since 1955, and I can bake 13 pounds of their bacon and hardly get a tablespoon of grease. recommended