I believe the correct spelling of your restaurant's name is "Le Bon Temps Roule." Was there a tragic sign-making error?

We spell it phonetically because we're Cajun and Creole, not French. I really want the Bon Ton to be an authentic Louisiana-style roadhouse, not a caricature—to capture the joie de vivre of Louisiana.

Vegan cooking may actually be illegal in some Southern states. How did you come up with your vegan versions of traditional recipes?

Our vegan gumbo is actually a traditional recipe, served during Lent. We use Field Roast for our vegan po'boys and red beans and rice. We have something for everyone, though. We just started frying whole turkeys!

What's the debris in your Roast Beef Debris Gravy? Is it like "most pulp" orange juice?

[Laughs] In Louisiana it's pronounced "day-bree." It's made from red wine, drippings, and beef.

Does the flavor of your Alligator Corn Dogs necessitate the use of sauces other than ketchup and mustard?

No, but we have a house-made Creole mustard that goes perfectly with them.

Unless "Amour Liqueur" is French for Robitussin, it appears you don't follow the standard recipe for purpa drank. Does your purpa drank have any of the properties of its vodka-and-cough-syrup namesake?

[Laughs] It's very potent. We're making purpa drank snow cones for summer. Snow cones are popular in Louisiana, but they call them snowballs. recommended