Is there anything about West Seattle that reminds you of Mexico City?

The community is friendly. It's like a little town inside a big city, especially when it's warm and people are out walking around.

You use some of your mom's recipes. Are there dishes your mom was especially excited to make available to the public?

She really likes to make mole. I don't even know how many types of mole we have in Mexico. Ours is unique. The mole paste in grocery stores is nothing like what mole should be.

Your website claims your burritos are "huge!" Did your background in engineering come in handy when you were designing a truck to transport these massive burritos?

They're a very good size—people say they'll have half today and half tomorrow. My background was helpful when I was designing the truck and figuring out the most efficient way to situate things inside.

How do you make your hibiscus water? It tastes kind of like cranberries.

The process is basically the same as making iced tea.

As a purveyor of authentic Mexican food, what have your encounters with its Americanized counterparts been like?

I've seen a few things and thought, "What is that?" It's interesting how people get different ideas about what Mexican food is. By no means is it just beans with a bunch of cheese on them. recommended