The produce bins at local markets are overflowing with berries, cherries, peaches, and apples—all of which makes for some really amazing pie. What better way to enjoy the plethora of fresh, local fruit than to slather it in butter and sugar? You could bake your own pie (so much work!), or you could pay a visit to one of Seattle’s fantastic pie shops. Your best bets include American Pie in Georgetown, Shoofly Pie in West Seattle, Pie in Fremont (open late on weekends!), and the Seattle Pie Company in Magnolia. Pie! (American Pie, 5633 Airport Way S, 708-7813; Pie, 3515 Fremont Ave N, 436-8590; Shoofly Pie, 4444 California Ave SW, 938-0608, Seattle Pie Company, 3111 W McGraw St, 217-4743)