"Mutiny Hall" sounds like somewhere that should be host to constant pirate bar fights—or at least one very overserved person dressed as a pirate—but the most raucous thing I saw in the Ravenna bar and restaurant was a commercial for Doritos tacos on a huge flat-screen TV. A large but subdued birthday party was going on. A server emerged from the kitchen carrying so many plates, he looked like a Christmas tree decorated with burgers.

Owner Seth Howard named the place after Mutiny Bay on Whidbey Island, home of his grandma. While Mutiny Hall's upside-down chair logo is meant to subtly imply mayhem, Seth says throwing furniture in the restaurant is discouraged.

Seth's food industry career began at his uncle's restaurant when he was 11. In addition to Mutiny Hall, he owns Collins Pub, Hudson Public House, and Last Drop Bottle Shop. All of his businesses are stocked with a kaleidoscope of imported beers and microbrews. I tried his current favorite, Green Flash West Coast IPA, forgetting that IPAs taste to me like the pieces of dandelions that fly into my mouth while mowing the lawn. However, there were several beers that put me in a chair-throwing mood, including my all-time favorite, St. Bernardus Abt 12. I'd bring my grandma to Mutiny Hall. recommended