BLACK COFFEE CO-OP • Capitol Hill: Get coffee, vegan food, and possibly enlightenment at this "worker's cooperative that operates a cafe, community space & infoshop." It's "a non-hierarchical workplace, where we have at least greater control of the application of our labor, and the pains of worker exploitation are reduced." Support the comrades! (501 E Pine St,, $)

JOULE • Fremont/Wallingford: Joule has relocated from its original location on 45th into a refurbished warehouse on Stone Way; chef/owners Rachel Yang and Seif Chirchi's Korean-influenced cuisine presumably remains great. The highly stylish space, adjoining the Whale Wins, has a communal table and a full bar. (3506 Stone Way N, 632-1913,, $$)

THE WHALE WINS • Fremont/Wallingford: The latest from Renee Erickson (of the marvelous Boat Street Cafe/the Walrus and the Carpenter) features "the very best foods from local beaches, gardens, and farms, prepared simply and served casually in a lively, light-filled, cottage-like space." It looks lovely, and the light fixtures spell out "HELLO." (3506 Stone Way N, 632-9425,, $$)

PETTIROSSO • Capitol Hill: Cute little Pettirosso closed at the end of 2011, but good news, everyone! It has reopened with a bigger menu, more space, longer hours, and lots of sweet, sweet booze (in the form of a full bar)—and it's now owned by Yuki Sodos (who used to work there back in the day) and her sister Miki, who also run the very-much-loved Bang Bang Cafe in Belltown. (1101 E Pike St, 324-2233,, $-$$)

MAMNOON • Capitol Hill: Mamnoon joins Terra Plata, Sitka & Spruce, etc. on Melrose between Pike and Pine, serving an upscale "modern union of Middle Eastern cuisines," with stuff to go, too. Chef Garrett Melkonian previously pastry-cheffed for T-Doug and Spring Hill. (1501 Melrose Ave, 906-9606,, $–$$)

ITALIAN FAMILY PIZZA • downtown: It's red-and-white-checked tablecloths, family photos on the wall, and East Coast–style "tomato pie" (plus $4 glasses of house wine) at this storefront pizzeria run by one of the Calozzis (though it is legally separate from the two local Philly cheesesteak places of the same name—the two brothers split). It looks like the real deal. (1206 First Ave, 538-0040, $)

ELEMENTAL WOOD-FIRED PIZZA • University Village: It's wood-fired pizza made with Shepherd's Grain flour, Zoe's Meats, and Mama Lil's peppers, from the Blue C Sushi/Boom Noodle people. Also: "Every day we make homemade cookies and sandwich them around Bottega gelato... life is short and you should draw as much pleasure from your time on the planet as possible." (2630 NE University Village St, 524-3071,, $–$$)

314 PIE • on the road: It's a food truck that serves Aussie-style savory/meat pies made by two guys who aren't Australian. They've got steak and curried veggie options, as well as some weirder ones like mac-and-cheese pie. (Traveling, 314pie, $)

BOMBAY BISTRO • Capitol Hill: It's an Indian restaurant from the original owners of Maharaja on Pike, where Chao Bistro (and 1200 Bistro, and Sammie Sue's) used to be. (1200 E Pike St, 708-1678, bombay, $–$$)

TANGLEWOOD SUPREME • Magnolia: According to the Magnolia Voice, this little bistro is Magnolia resident Kent Chappelle's answer to "large waterfront seafood restaurants with spectacular views." His potshot at Ray's is in the space formerly occupied by Wheeler Street Kitchen. (3216 W Wheeler St, 708-6235,, $$–$$$)

JOHN JOHN'S GAME ROOM • Capitol Hill: What's the only thing that could make beating Golden Axe without spending $50 in quarters more of an impossible quest? Scads of beer! John John's—where Faire used to be on Olive—has lots of other old-school video games and pinball, too. (1351 E Olive Way,, $)

VOLUME • Pioneer Square: Volume promises "the experience no one else can provide. Elaborate lighting mixed with the hottest local and national DJs will always be the right choice for a good time." Also:19 VIP booths with bottle service. (172 S Washington St, 679-1744,, $$)

CORNER BAR • Downtown: The Whisky Bar is once again called the Corner Bar, now run by neighboring Buenos Aires Grill. It looks a bit bland compared to the glorious grubbiness of the Whisky in its heyday and the make-out paradise of the original Corner Bar before that. (2000 Second Ave, 448-3352,, $$)

MOVED/RENAMED/REOPENED: MEANDER'S KITCHEN in White Center: Formerly in West Seattle, same beloved breakfasts, now with more room • THE RICKSHAW in Greenwood: Finally back after a fire-related eight-month shutdown—karaoke! • SEATTLE HOG HEAVEN in West Seattle: Formerly known as Jones Barbecue, still run by the Jones family, presumably still kick-ass • TACOS GUAYMAS on Broadway: Moved one block north to the smaller/cuter spot where Broadway Cafe used to be

NEW LOCATIONS OF EXISTING PLACES: BEECHER'S at Sea-Tac Airport: Take macaroni and cheese on the plane • BLUEBIRD in Phinneywood: Ice cream plus a microbrewery and soda fountain • CALOZZI'S in Georgetown: More Paul Constant–approved cheesesteaks • ELTANA in Fremont/Ballard: More fancy (and, yes, good) wood-fired bagels • JUICEBOX on Capitol Hill: Now making juice inside La Bête • MARX FOODS in Lower Queen Anne: The retail shop of online very-fancy-foods spot • MEASURE at Benaroya Hall: A Wolfgang Puck Worldwide, Inc., "Cultural Cafe" • PAGLIACCI in Madison Valley: Seattle's first (and only) LEED-certified pizzeria—looks cool. recommended

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