Sunny Kobe Cook was a completely horrendous shit to a friend of mine who worked at Michael's in the frame department. So she's the worst kind of wealthy - the abusive cheapskate. If she lent that much to someone and got burned, it makes me want to believe in karma.
@2 Consider this: would you rather have available meat that comes at a premium, from a reputedly supplier (which in a perfect world translates to more human and healthy practices toward the animals) or from a factory farm that puts profit margin over all else? Regardless of your personal belief, it's going to come from somewhere.
I never bought any meat there, but Bill's was the only place anywhere near I could find Tacoma's Heavenly Heat products -- their "Devil Dust" Red Savina Habanero Seasoning Salt is unbelievably good, as is the Pure Ghost Seasoning & Rub.

I hope those guys got paid -- once the doors are closed, the chances of seeing a penny on any outstanding invoices are very low.
@ 3, it's all the same to @2. No gray shades cloud her thinking.
Fnarf, have you checked Double DD Meats in Mountlake Terrace?
I'd hazard that everyone who has graced the cover of Inc. has stiffed someone for a few thousand.
used to live near the magnolia location. they had some really nice people who worked there. it may have been shittily owned and operated, but i was impressed with their staff. they never let on how weird things were behind the scenes.
@6, naw, I don't get over to Idaho that often (badda bump).
I don't recall seeing any fresh meat when I walked by BB Ranch in the market this past weekend. Lots of smoked bones and sausages and other processed stuff, but nothing fresh. Kinda surprising for a "full service" butcher...
You should certainly loan money to family and friends. What you should not do is expect to be paid back.

3- People who bought this crap aren't going to turn around and buy meat at Wal-Mart or McDonald's. People who buy cheap meat do so out of necessity. People who buy expensive meat do it out of willful malice and destruction. Rich people have countless healthy, sustainable, humane options. Paying to have a young cow killed to eat its muscles isn't one of them, no matter how expensive it is.…
@12 - Soooo... what @5 said?
@ 12, actually a lot of people eat cheap meat and other cheap food because they're cheap people. It's the mechanism responsible for factory farming in the first place.
The Market's a regular stop for me, and on my way to Britt's Pickles I'm always careful to avoid eye contact with Bill at BB Ranch. Gives me the creeps; I'll take Don and Joe's every time.

@4, the company's site supposedly lists the stores that carry their stuff, including El Mercado in the Market, and the Metropolitan Market out at Sand Point. And they do mail order in a pinch!…

@12, your certitude gives me mirthitude.
I've been to the Wallingford and Sand Point locations and both have incredibly friendly and helpful staff and their kielbasas are incredible! I will have to splurge at the co op (whom I've only heard rocky things about THEIR meat departments' behind the scenes).
I'm putting "Meat Activist" on my scruff profile.
Not a surprising end for this meaty tale.
"People who buy cheap meat do so out of necessity. People who buy expensive meat do it out of willful malice and destruction..."

This is such a ridiculously broad oversimplification, it hardly warrants a response, but it insights anger, so here we go:

People who buy cheap meat SOMETIMES do so out of necessity. They also do it out of ignorance and convenience and due to their personal priorities NOT involving meat quality.

People who buy expensive meat likely NEVER do it out of willful malice OR destruction. They sometimes due it out of a sense of entitlement or pride, as though the mere fact that it costs more means it's better, which is not always the case. I am not a rich person by any stretch of the imagination, but having a background in nutrition and being fully aware of how important protein is in our daily diets as well as the importance of the quality of that meat (not only nutritionally, but environmentally), I put the quality of my meat at the top of my priority list and am willing to parse out more money to ensure a grass-fed, locally produced, sustainable raised source whenever possible.

That being said, having just moved to the Shoreline area and in search of a great source of meat, I am very sad the Edmonds location closed so mysteriously. We also loved the Magnolia location.
@ 19 (and @ DougSF), raku believes that the act of killing an animal (no matter how quickly) is so heinous that it must be evil. That's the entirety of her justification of veganism. In truth, I can't see rigid veganism having any other justification - all arguments about personal health and environmental concerns support eating less meat, not prohibiting it entirely.

So understand that appealing to her sense that good animal husbandry won't work. If anything, her post @ 12 reveals that she thinks ethical ranchers and butcher are worse than feedlots and animal abuse at factory farms because they undercut the vegan activist's arguments by presenting an alternative where swearing off all meat at all times and joining the groupthink aren't necessary.

BB Ranch absolutely carries fresh meat. The cases are mostly stocked with dry aged meats, cured meats and pre-rubbed meats.

That being said they also stock fresh meats and I have bought pork roasts and chops, ground beef, tri-tip steak and other fresh meats and have never been disappointed with the products.

To @15's point the owner, Bill, can be a bit standoffish but if you are friendly and express an interest in the products he warms up quickly.
Oh raku, how I've missed you. Slog was getting boring with just Seattleblues to pick on.
Live by the UVillage location, went in once to check it out and it was horrible. I drive out of my way to go to Double D (DD) meats in Mount Lake Terrace. That place is amazing.
@10, though I've seen him chatting amiably with customers, I've been leery since his old "we won't tell you the source" days. Maybe I'll stop in next time and ask him to source something and see what he says. Thanks for the encouragement.
Bought meat there once. Got (and gave others) food poisoning.
Die! Carnists Die!

Fuck You matt form dick head!

Yay Raku !!!
See what I mean? @ 26 would rather fail and be pure than join up with me and accomplish real animal welfare reform.
Shame on you Matt for your mean spirit! Sunny is an amazing and generous person. You should not speak about someone you do not even know.
Shame on you Matt from Denver for your mean spirit! One should not speak about people they do not even know. Sunny is an amazing person and a kind, gentle soul. Please keep your negativity to yourself.
@12 that onion article is funny. they hang the cows upsidedown and bleed them after shooting a bolt into the brain killing the cow instantly. unless it's kosher/halal then they'll slit the throat and watch the animal suffer and writhe in pain. all the grass fed cows i raise are very well taken care of and killed ethically and quickly and are delicious
@21 and @24 -- good to hear. The stuff in his case looked tasty, but I was on a desperate hombow mission and could not be spare more than a glance.
@Matt from Denver: It's your own fault, really. You gave her too much credit by assuming she thinks about anything.
"People who buy expensive meat do it out of willful malice and destruction."

You're onto me Raku. I go to PCC and buy free-range organic beef just so I can let it rot in my sink.
There was a Bill The Butcher in Magnolia. It had tinted windows, was painted red, and the parking lot was always empty. If I didn't know better, I would have thought it was an adult bookstore.
Bob's Quality Meats in Columbia City is where you should all be going.
@ 36, if that really nice butcher in Pike Place Market is still there, that's where I would go if I still lived in Seattle.
J'Amy Owens has yet to be heard from, and none of her employees (including myself) have been paid. This woman paid herself $156,000 last year, all info is available on Yahoo Finance. She doesn't deserve to be in business. She lied to and robbed us all.
Hey anonymousbutcher? Do you work there? All it says on yahoo is that she has a salary of $153k but has not excercised it at all?

here is a link.…

It says in the chart on the bottom right about executive pay. Perhaps you should do better research.
Hey anonymousbutcher? Do you work there? All it says on yahoo is that she has a salary of $153k but has not excercised it at all? That means that she has not got paid in five years. Right? Am I wrong?

here is a link.…

It says in the chart on the bottom right about executive pay.
I managed one of the locations briefly until I was sure we were lying about product, extremely shady business practices, I still think it was some kind of embezzlement scam, frankly. My experience was so ha there I am vegan now!
Ya know I think they tried to bring you quality meat. A little ham handed sure, but they put good meat in your mouth. So now less fancy meat for your mouth.
#11 I never loan money to friends or family. When asked I always gift. I think that is important to remove the expectation of repayment. I mean you don't want the money and they have the debt burden. The kindness of your act should never be attached to an expectation. Just give and say something like "Consider this like a good book, pass it along to someone who might enjoy it."
I never ordered any meat from them but they sponsored Husky Cycling for the last three years. I will miss their silly logo on my kit :(

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