A woman who appears to want to hang herself at The Woods in June of 2012.
  • A woman who appears to want to hang herself at The Woods in June of 2012.

Jason Lajeunesse, David Meinert, and Joey Burgess have announced their acquisition of Capitol Hill restaurant and bar Grim’s and its upstairs dance club The Woods from Laura Olson of Pterodactyl Group. (Olson also sold her interest in nearby Manhattan Drugs, now known as Manhattan, and was involved in the whole The Social debacle. She still has ownership in Po Dog, Auto Battery, and Anchors Down.)

Grim's is where you can "Sit at long hand-crafted reclaimed wood, cafeteria style tables... and enjoy drinks in mason jars [in a] steampunk atmosphere," according to its website; it also has good versions of fancied-up grilled cheese. As for its very popular upstairs neighbor, Sarah Galvin explored The Woods a while back:

Though I'd heard The Woods is a magnet for the feared Capitol Hill "weekend crowd," the Friday-night block-long line of bros and bro-ettes was a bewildering surprise. While waiting in it, I saw a guy attempt to hoist a woman over his shoulder upside down. They gradually collapsed on the sidewalk in a way that reminded me of dilapidated barns by the freeway. Someone behind me said, "I got food poisoning off a baked ham in the fifth grade." There were two girls in the street holding each other who I initially thought were kissing. I soon realized they were just at the stage of drunk where every conversation is profound. They were still there when I finally made it into the building, where the first thing I heard was some guy yelling, "These girls are hot, yo!"

I had to agree, though many appeared to be wearing Barbie clothes and most looked drunk enough to throw up if I made any sudden movements...

The Lost Lake/Comet/5 Point Guys have also announced that they now have a formal company called Guild Seattle, "guild" being an old-fashioned term for "workers' union." (Unlike this parody piece earlier on Slog, this is not a joke.)

It's been rumored that either Lajeunesse or the group plans to open a gay bar; Lajeunesse recently responded that these are "Just rumors." Asked about whether Guild Seattle intends to make any changes to The Woods, Lajeunesse responds noncommittally:

Right now as it's stands everything will remain the same until we have time to get more familiar with the ins and outs of the existing business.

For those trying to keep up with what, exactly, Meinert and Lajeunesse own, they provided handy cheat sheets with their press release, which you'll find after the jump.

Jason Lajuenesse serves on the Capitol Hill Chamber and is an owner / managing partner in Neumos, Barboza, Moe Bar, Pike St Fish Fry, The Capitol Hill Block Party, Lost Lake Cafe and Lounge, The Comet Tavern and Big Mario’s Pizza.

David Meinert is a founding board member of The Vera Project among other projects and is a partner in Big Mario’s owns The 5 Point Café, The Comet Tavern, Lost Lake Cafe and Lounge, Onto Entertainment, and Seattle Event Services.

Joey Burgess has worked in the hospitality industry for 14 years. He has worked in various restaurants in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle. Prior to managing Lost Lake Cafe and Lounge and The Comet Tavern he was the General Manager of Smith, Emmer & Rye and The Chapel.