At the behest of some rich person, Seattle Parks and Recreation has decided that one of the few nude beaches in Seattle (Denny Blaine Park) would be a GREAT place for a children's playground. Considering the multiple park options nearby for this project that would not be adjacent to one of the few spaces in this city where queer adults can be themselves and feel comfortable in their bodies, there is no way this decision is coincidental. 

I have gone to this park for years, and as the child of a queer person who has lived in Seattle since the ‘80s, I know how critical it is for us to maintain spaces where queer people don't need to worry about optics every damn second. In a world that is constantly repressing our identities, is it not possible for queer people to have one space? Really hoping the parks department chooses another site, because I don't know where else I can go and feel comfortable in my body in this damn city!! 

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