I would like to thank my employer for my family's recent round of COVID-19. While they were vigilant enough to check for membership cards from people shopping there, they didn’t seem to give a damn about the manager who was puking throughout their shifts last week. 

They didn’t care enough to send that person home. They didn’t care enough to have that person wear a mask. 

Now I have COVID-19. My partner has COVID-19. My kids have COVID-19. When I called and told you I was positive, I was told not to come in for five days. Great, love it. But, please explain: Why the fuck could you not ask that pukey manger to go the fuck home when they were actively telling people they were puking? 

Everyone talks about how the benefits here are so great, but I just drained my vacation to cover my missed week of work from the COVID you allowed your manager to expose me and all your damn members to. I hope their soul-sucking jobs have vacation and more sick days for them to use, not like you give af.

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