I saw the valentine you wrote for your partner in The Stranger. The nickname you used for them stuck out, as did the fact that you seemed to have gotten engaged. I could be wrong about the valentine being yours, but my hunch is based off of many things—including a little thing I never told you.

Remember you told me you were Capricorn moon, and I made a joke about my Capricorn dad? The quiet part I didn't say out loud was that my ex of five years—the one who I had just left before I met you—was also a Cap moon. 

And as a Taurus moon like your partner (fiancée?), I felt very strongly attached to him, like he was my ride or die. Even broken up, he and I remain close friends. If we had been more compatible in other ways, then maybe we would have ended up like you two. Or maybe you and I could have been friends if we'd dated longer. Who knows? 

If my hunch is correct, congratulations. It doesn't matter anymore, but I miss you. A few months ago I saw you at a crossroads, but you were headed in another direction.

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