Antiquarian Cutie

Talked to you at the 2023 Antiquarian Bookfair, my booth partner gave you my number but you never texted me. I still think about you.

we traded beanie babies winnings at Leny's

it was months ago... on my birthday. you were tall and such a cutie. we hugged. are you out there mystery claw machine master?

"Don't touch her!" in Queen Anne

You saw a guy grab me in the street. You told him not to touch me and it got physical. Thank you for caring, please let me know you're okay.

bright smile at the corner of 4th and pine

you low key waved at me while I was on my bike waiting for the red light. you know me but I don’t have your #, give me a like on that app 👀

Tatted RCF Gym Cutie

You asked me to take a video of your deadlift for the RCF Fundraiser and I was too shy to inquire further. Hope to see you again!

I'm sorry I forgot your name...

You were taking tequila shots in ballard. It was a fun time hanging out with you and your tropical shirt but I couldn't remember your name

Big Vibes Pizza Hunk

I've seen you in a few different neighborhoods and I know you've seen me too. You bummed me a cigarette recently...I should've talked to you more.

hot daddy at the bar

I saw you at Twilight Exit on Friday. You looked like you could take me home and have your way with me. Maybe you'll see me again this Friday

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