gelato on third and union

you were wearing a mitochondrion band shirt and a kandi gauntlet on your arm. you stopped to get gelato same time as me. you looked like walter white

Flamenco at Rabbit Box

We sat side-by-side for the performance. You are learning tango, you placed your hand on my shoulder and I melted. Maybe you'd like a new friend.

Waiting for the link light

in cap hill on Tuesday night (05/07). We shared a glance or two. I think you’re gorgeous. I should have given you my number

The Craft at Central Cinema

Years ago we chatted during intermission at a Central Cinema screening of The Craft. You are short, cute, and I wish we had found each other after.

Man with the Bomb Squad Unit shirt and piercing blue eyes at TSA

On May 10th, I saw you on the other side of security. I’m the flight attendant who got the random screening. We had a conversation about our jobs.

Solo at Magnuson

Saw you at the lake— you jumped in, smoked a J, and rode away. Love your face and tattoos. Lets do all that but together next time :)

Locking up your bike in a great sweater

At the Fremont Ave 34th bus stop we kept stealing glances as you locked up your bike. When I got on I sat by a window to grin at you as I rode away.

brandy in the tunderpussy shirt

i called you hot outside the wildrose. you're so hot. i remembered your name, finally

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