girl in the old white volvo on denny way

you looked over at me in my little smart car and your mouth dropped open, so naturally i made the same face at u. it was really funny. i hope ur well

To the anarchist with the face tattoo on the train back from the protest

How's your praxis? Because I think we could be more than just a theory ;)

Free Glass of Wine at Base

I've only dated men but was excited by the possibility we were flirting. The gizmo wasn't working so the wine was free. Did u see aurora brls?

Eating Garlic Bread in the park

Super cute trans guy I made eye contact with at the grill in the hat and denim overshirt. I was wearing the army shirt helping with the event.

Lynnwood AMC

We met waiting for our turn for the bathroom. You were seeing IF and I, the new Strangers. I wish we could have talked more!

Tin Hat between Woodland sets

Talked about microwaved fish + discount grocery stores. My 3 drinks made me too sleepy to wait until you came back, but u made me smile.

Redhead at Belle and Sebastian

I'm the tall guy with the chin length hair dancing on stage you were in row F (?). I appreciate you were one of the first to get up and dance.

Picture perfect picture window

You were in the house next to the house party 6 years ago. I invited you to play beer pong and then left town 5 days later. I just moved back. Coffee?

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