Caroline Rose show 5/18

You: cute redhead with a very cool Frank Lloyd Wright stained glass tattoo on your arm. I’ve got one in my apartment already, wanna make it two?

Hubba hubba

Saw you standing outside of Elliott Bay Books eating a savory pinwheel lookin all hunky. Were you also there for the Melissa Broder book tour?

Curious Old Woman at the Henry Museum

We talked about the clay galaxy hands for a bit, but I wish you had said more! Anyways, you made an appearance in the poem like I promised.

Otter bar + Memorial Day morning

We briefly chatted at Otter about how quick your mile is. ;) saw you in green lake with your pup Memorial Day AM. Wish I’d said hi


Whoever the genius is altering all the “No Parking” signs on Union to say “No Barking” with flawless execution….let’s be friends.

Madrona Beach 5/12, green bike, great smile

You were a smokin hot babe who rode up on a green bike, I was with a group of friends and kids in a yellow suit. What were you reading?

Queen Anne Safeway

You and your fire station were shopping for groceries and I was close to setting the produce section on fire for an excuse to talk to you.

To Light haired man standing in line at Hazelwood in Ballard last night, wearing gray hoodie with “We Are Meant for Climbing” text on the back wearing black joggers

I saw you looking back at me a few times while we were in line, you were with a friend in a black and red flannel shirt. I had black braids, glasses.

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