Beautiful man at LCD Soundsystem show

at the end of the 5/17 LCD Soundsystem show you made your way through the crowd, before leaving you touched my shoulder and said ‘beautiful man’ ❤️

Paper Bag Helmet

I saw you riding your bike down Pike in the rain with a brown paper bag with eye holes over your head. I admire your ingenuity, did you get home safe?

Sculpture Park with big White Husky

Your dog came and said hi to me, you apologized and I smiled at you. I asked your dog's name, shanoah I think. Wish you would have asked my number.

Saw you at Ballard Wells Fargo

Your voice — it was warm and kind — made me turn my head. And you looked like you might have been a punk rocker 40 years ago, like me!

Quick bite at Crown Hill Dicks with 🇬🇧 Jeans

You: amazing vtg style w/kids in tow Me: the same except amazing style part up for debate We: should meet up? Discuss style tips? Just grab a bite?

Columbia City 6/1, handsome man outside Geraldine’s/jackalope

You: grey hair, messing with your phone. Me: 40s, blond hair in a ponytail walking a big grey dog. We shared a smile and I wished it was more

Smiles and stripes

You were dancing in your own world at Monkey Loft with blue stripes and smiley face elbow patches. We made eye contact but I was too shy to talk.

Main character femm in the wild

You tore up to the bar on a rented scooter, skidded sideways to a stop, jumped off and ran inside. I'm in love with your main character energy.

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