Collision Cutie

You complimented my haircut while riding your bike down University Ave, then crashed into a bush. I hope you’re ok but also I wish I were that bush

pickle sticker patrol

caught red handed taking a pic of your pickle books bumper sticker at t-dock, gave you one of mine. would love to buy you a bev??

Tangerine and Turmeric Cutie

You came into pike place RGB wearing a t with an apple on it. You complimented my scarf, I told you you were gorgeous. You left before I got your #!

White Tee Biker Babe

We were both on bikes at 29th and Yesler, craning our necks to hold eye contact as we passed. Are you my new neighbor?

Eight Months on The Solstice

I was wearing ripped jean shorts, you had a sun painted on your belly. You looked divine when we made eye contact. I wish I had a chance with you!

We Got Her - Are You Ok?

6/24 D Line Dravus, woman you didn’t know assaulted you. Your friend took you home; she tried to rob my bro, I peppered her, got her arrested. U ok?

blonde cutie Whole Foods on Broadway

Do I want to dye my hair blonde now or were you looking that cute. You gave me a peace sign at the self checkout and I swooned.

Western whims

6/24, walking opposite directions on Western Ave. white hoodie baseball cap mustache. Me: blonde, sunglasses. You gave a wry smile.

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