Meat the Press as sent to The Stranger by Gordon Anderson
"Meat the Press" as sent to The Stranger by Gordon Anderson

The Stranger doesn't get all that many Letters to the Editor by mail anymore. Maybe one every six weeks or so? Fewer? Here's one, here's one, here's another one, and here's one more that actually included some cash! (It was, not so coincidentally, our favorite letter we received last year.) But, generally, our readers seem to be instant gratification sort of folks: read something, send us an email to praise us or complain.

But since I started here last January, Seattle area cartoonist Gordon Anderson has been sending The Stranger physical correspondence, if not on a regular basis, then at least fairly consistently, i.e., he hasn't stopped. And not just any old correspondence, but letters with envelopes covered in writing and inside, typed letters or stories with his comments, inside jokes, observations on Seattle or on politics scrawled in the margins, sometimes funny, but always cheeky. His latest transmission was entertaining enough to share.

Some choice comments:

—"Your June 8 'Sexual Assault in the Navy' reminded me to be glad I'm not gay. Straight is trouble enough."

—"The navy's stupidity is overwhelming. This gigantic power is managed by these insane fucks?"

—"Sorry folks—we're closed to new population. Go back where you've already ruined things."

Pics below.





I attempted to track down a website or Facebook page for Gordon Anderson, so that I could include a link and you could see more work from him at whatever place he hosted it (and/or you could like his page and follow what he's up to). But, I'm guessing he's not too technically inclined, seeing as his preferred method of communication is via the U.S. Postal Service, and seeing as I couldn't find any trace of the man in my searches.

If you are a reader and know of a digital place where I can find Gordon's stuff, by all means, leave it in the comments below and I will update this post. Or you can send me an angry e-mail letting me know what it is and pointing out that I obviously didn't look hard enough. Either way works for me.